What are the benefits of a Pop-Up Shop?

  • Connect with consumers one on one

  • Release exclusive merchandise

  •  Have out-seasoned merchandise? Sale it at discounted prices 

  • Expand your brand

  • Network with other local entrepreneurs and the community

Can I have more than one booth?

Yes, you are allowed to have more than one booth. Please keep in mind it is $30 for an additional booth/space, even if you bring your own table.  

Are all businesses welcomed to register?

  • We welcome all:

  • Small Businesses

  •  Entrepreneurs

to participate in this event as long as the products/services you are selling are legal. It does not matter if you've had your business for years, just starting out, have a storefront or operate online only; this event is for you!

Are there any limits on decorating my booth?

As the business owner, you have creative control over the design and look of your booth space. We ask that you please adhere to the specific venue restrictions as outlined in your registration. Event venues do vary, ICT Pop Up team will contact you in regards to any sudden changes.

Can I have volunteers run my booth?

Yes, as long as their name is listed in the vendor agreement. All volunteers must also check-in at registration. 

How do I get involved?

There are many ways you can get involved with ICT Pop Up. 

  • Whether it be assisting the ICT Pop Up team with a  selected event by becoming a Volunteer.

  • Or maybe your a small business or entrepreneur who would like access to like-minded individuals as well as connecting with your community. If this sounds like you, apply to become a Vendor!

  • Considering Sponsorship? The biggest value you can offer is a Sponsorship contribution. Your contribution helps to provide diverse communities a chance to network amongst other small businesses and embrace those overlooked opportunities.

Does the ICT Pop Up Shop cost?

Events are free for the community. Only the products/services sold by vendors will require cash or credit card.

Covid-19 Event Info 

Please head over to the support page for more information.